10 Best Cd Lens Cleaners

Last Updated October 2019
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Your Buying Guide for the Best Cd Lens Cleaners

There is no doubt that CDs made the 2000s and early 2010s awesome. Easy to play with a CD player and no hassles involved when selecting songs, compact discs had their moments. But as memory cards became popular and music streaming replaced radio, some people forgot about the disc-shaped devices.

Nevertheless, avid CD fans still use them to listen to the classics and songs that are hard to find online. But like most electronic devices, CDs are prone to damage by dust. A little mishandling and the plastic made devices can spoil all your favorite 90s classics. In the unfolding paragraphs, find out how you can keep CD and DVDs clean with a CD cleaner.

What is a CD Lens Cleaner?

A CD lens cleaner is a cleaning product for the lens of a compact disc. Some CD lens cleaners also clean DVDs and some gaming consoles. Like most devices in your home, compact discs accumulate dirt. But unlike some radios and TVs, dust on a CD can cause irreparable damage. Most damaged DVDs can’t play. Some CD players read undamaged parts and skip areas dirtied by dust. Either way, your music experience is spoilt. CD player cleaner removes dust from your CDs to improve their shelf lives.

Important Features

Why do you need CD Lens Cleaners?

To Preserve the Classics

Even though you may not be listening to CD players in 2018, you probably own CDs that contain your favorite classic songs. Don’t get rid of them yet. A CD lens cleaner can dust them off consequently adding a few more years to their shelf lives. You can then convert the music into digital form and preserve your songs for a long time.

There are many songs recorded before 2000 that are yet to be uploaded on the web. If you have a lot of classical songs, consider restoring the CDs and preserving the songs. The CDs could become valuable someday as there are many people that love to purchase the classics.

To Keep Listening to Quality Soundtracks

If you love high-quality music, you may have realized that MP3 and online streamed songs don’t sound as good a CD music. Compact discs encode sound at 1,411.2 kbps, six times better than iTunes’ downloads. To be specific, iTunes lets you download 256kbps music, while YouTube provides a maximum sound quality of 512 kbps.

If you still have your CD player around, invest in a lens cleaner and start listening to music of better sound quality.


Contrary to popular belief, CDs are durable. Your hard drive could crash or fail at any moment. Additionally, cloud services don’t always work, but a well-kept CD can last years. Of course, compact discs are not immune to damage which is why you need the best CD lens cleaner. If you play your CDs regularly, you must also clean them once in a while. If you don’t, they’ll get damaged quicker than they can play your favorite songs.

To Restore Damaged CDs

Restoring old CDs is what a lens cleaner is built for. All those discs your cd player keep rejecting can be restored. The cleaner may not restore a broken CD, but it will work efficiently where dust is the problem. Before you throw away CDs with all your favorite songs, make sure you apply some lens cleaner over them. You may be surprised to recover all the songs you had lost to damaged players.

What makes the Best CD Cleaners?

Easy to use

A good car CD player cleaner should be easy to open and apply on your CDs. Many of the top rated cleaners come in sachets. Using the products is as easy as removing a cap and spreading the liquid on your DVDs. Some brands make things easier by including a soft brush for removing dust faster. That way, you don’t have to use a cloth and risk scratching the disc.

No Harmful Effects

A good CD lens cleaner should remove dust from your CDs without leaving any effects. You shouldn't experience other issues because the cleaning product was not compatible with your compact player. Read the labels to ensure the cleaner is designed for CDs/DVDs.

Shelf life

Because CD lens cleaners can cost $5 or more, pick a product that you can use multiple times. A quality cleaner should last up to 50 cleans. But if you find one that lasts longer, research more about it. The ability to clean your disc should come first in your hierarchy of considerations followed by usability.

Price and Value

CD lens cleaners cost as low as $1. But before you overlook the $5 product, research to find out what it offers more. Some cleaners are multipurpose and will clean both your DVDs and your Xbox. Others are harmful to your consoles and should only be used for CDs. Pick a cleaner that can serve multiple devices. You may pay $2 extra, but you have a cleaner that takes care of all your discs.

Top-Rated Brands

Best CD Lens Cleaners Brands 2018

Endust for Electronics

Endust for Electronics is one of the most popular brand names when it comes to CD lens cleaners. The company’s laser head dirt remover comes with a microfiber towel for easy cleaning. The product is packed in quality materials for durability. It cleans your DVDs and gaming consoles like the PS3 and four.


World of Data sells cleaning products meant for DVDs, CDs, and VCDs. But it is how the cleaning occurs that makes it highly effective. The lens cleaner removes dirt as your CD plays. By the time the last verse is over, you have a clean disc ready to serve you several more years.

Vanguard PLC Power

Vanguard provides a microfiber and a cleaning gadget with three cleaning tips. You can use a brush, apply liquid cream and use the microfiber or dust off your CDs with a soft brush. The lens cleaner is sold at a price of $20 and supports both DVDs and camera lenses.


CD lens cleaners provide a great way to preserve CDs and other sensitive devices. If you have some old DVDs you would want to access again, invest in a good quality lens cleaner. They are cheap and can be used multiple times.

Thank you for reading the CD player lens cleaner guide above. You are welcomed to find more guides and reviews on our website.

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